Startup mentors are experienced professionals and investors. But founders often leave mentoring more confused than they started. And they often miss the best advice.

So we did some research. We found the mentors that truly changed startups, and we asked them how they do it.

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Andy Young

EIR @ 500 Startups
"A must-read for anyone involved in helping startups. All accelerators and startup programmes should have this as required reading."

Eze Vidra

Founder of Google Campus
"Sal is able to anticipate the challenges startups will encounter during the life cycle of their products."

Samantha Hosea

Creative Coach
"Stuff that isn't out there yet. Nice and comprehensive, to the point. It helped me see what it useful for startups."

About Mentor Impact

Working with some of the world’s top accelerators, like Seedcamp and Techstars, we asked for the mentors who regularly make huge contributions to their startups, the ones that really change things. We went to the best, and we asked them how they do it.

What they told us was surprising – it contradicted a lot of common knowledge.

Mentor Impact guides you through their different approaches, so you can find what works best for you:

This guide is very useful if you’re new to startup mentoring, and has a number of new approaches for the experienced.

We want to help you meet startups where they stand and offer substantial, actionable help (not just opinions and advice).

You’re giving your valuable time and priceless expertise to help young founders - Mentor Impact will help you make it count.

Buy the book
70 pages - 10,000 words
30-day money-back guarantee.
Updates are free forever.


Mentor Impact was originally designed as workshop, so mentors can exchange techniques, and reflect together about what works. Mentor Impact workshops inject some of the world’s best mentorship thinking into your community, and reveal the best mentoring approaches that work in your industry and culture.

Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss.

Table of contents

About the author

Salim Virani works to empower startup founders on their own terms - from Roma people, to African engineers - even, as crazy as it may sound, Europeans.

He is the creator of Source Institute - an organisation that’s making startup education better - mainly by pioneering peer to peer techniques.

Salim’s work includes The Africa Prize For Engineering Innovation, which produces top-tier clean water, sanitation, education and agriculture startups across the continent, and The Sources, an online course where African founders share their most relevant experiences and advice. Salim founded Leancamp, which created the first evolutions of Lean Startup to include Business Models, UX, and Enterprise Lean Startup. And Founder Centric, which developed and delivered startup education for Seedcamp, Techstars, ClimateKIC, and around 30 more accelerators and universities.

Source Institute believes that what works there doesn’t always work here. We’ve found that in fast-changing environments, people improve faster when they learn from each other. Source Institute now spans 4 continents, involves 40 leaders operating 5 projects, educating thousands of founders.

Salim’s also taught at a few smarty-pants universities like Oxford and UCL. Prior to that, Salim was the founder of 5 startups in ecommerce, email and IT services, as well as Digital Media Director at JWT, a major marketing agency.

Though in his parents eyes, he topped out at age 16, when we he was in the local newspaper for starting a computer store.